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Subjects we will be talking about: Vacation Bible School, how to have a truly effective children's ministry, curriculum, recruiting, how to "put feet to your kid's faith" and so much more!  Our current topic is Sunday School Curriculum. Join us at About the Children's Department and tell your friends, family and church members so they can join us, too

VBS 2012 Reviews and Tips
Truth Endures
Put Feet to Their Faith and Involve Your Kids in a Project with the Seed Company!
The Wild-Blue Yonder, Islands, Amazement Parks, Trip Around the World, Bugs, Concerts and So Much More . . .
So . . . Now You Have a Goal for Your VBS; What is the Next Essential Ingredient?
no other gospel - a Must-Read Book!
Please Pay Attention - Please Notice
Dream a Little!
Child Safety and Our Ministries.
The Grace Effect!
How Can I Be Intentional About Praying For You?
What is Your Ministry Really Like?
Put Feet to Their Faith with Samaritan Purse's Gift Catalog!
Free Christmas Lesson!
VeggieTales - O Holy Night!
Dream a Little!
How Does Your Children's Ministry Support Parents With Special Needs Children?
Equip Your Kids So They Show Their Thankfulness!
What Does a Thankful Life Look Like?
What Would Your Life Be Like Without God's Word?
Bullying . . . Our Words & Attitudes Matter!
Trust . . . Takes Seconds to Break, Forever to Repair
Let's Pray So Our Children Grow in Jesus and Come to Know and Walk With Him!
Pray for Eyes to be Open and for Children to be Drawn to God!
What Do I Need to "See"?
Make Prayer THE Priority!
"Open Our Eyes"
Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project to Bring God's Word to the Mwinika People in Mozambique!
"Dear Mr. Jesus . . . " & Some Excellent Resources on Child Abuse
Fathers Matter . . . How Do We Translate This to Children's Ministry?
Showing Love So It Is Felt!
Ed's Story, It's Our Story . . .
Anything - Love = Nothing
Trust . . .
Put Feet to Their Faith and Involve Your Kids in a Project to Bring God's Word to the Mwinika People!
Aim A Little Lower . . . Where Are You Aiming?
Be So Very Careful . . . Don't Be A "Sponge"!
Where Does Your Church List Children's Ministry In It's List of Top Priorities?
In Your Busyness, Don't Forget to Pay Attention!
Loving God and Others is an Essential Part of Real Worship!
Children's Ministry Matters Today!
Involve Your Kids in Bringing God's Word to the Mwinika People - Put Feet to Their Faith!
How Do I "Shift" My Church's "Resource Base" to "Change the World"?
"Maintenance" or "Change the World"? Which Will You Choose?
"Then Jesus Beat Them Up!" Are You Sure Your Kids Accurately Remember God's Word? (re-run)
Real Worship Requires Giving Our Whole Selves to God!
Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project Through New Tribes Mission to Get the Bible in Mwinika!
Top Ten Reasons for Involving Your Children in Christmas for an Orphan - rerun!
Being Found!
What is Real Worship and How Do We Help The Children in Our Churches Understand It?
Surf's Up! Children's Ministry Resources Around the Web . . . iKids!
Manners and Children's Ministry
Does the Church "Tolerate" Some Types of Bullying?
Check Out Kidmin1124 . . . I Wrote About Teaching Kids the True Meaning of Worship - Obedience is Key!
VeggieTales the Little Drummer Boy DVD!

Continuity . . . Connect the Children's Ministry With Your Church!
Denver and the Mile High Orchestra Groovy CD!
Continuity . . . Connect the Children's and Parent's Ministries!
Continuity . . . No "Islands Unto Themselves"
Continuity . . .
How Can We Be More Effective?
This IS Job One . . .
Who/What Influences Kids and How Does This Change Your Ministry?
Put Feet to Their Faith and Help Your Kids Give Other Christmas Memories!
Let's Let Our Actions Speak!!!
Remember: Actions Speak Louder . . .
It's Not Too Late . . .
"Furious"; CD from Jeremy Riddle!
Put Feet to Their Faith With Christmas for an Orphan through WorldHelp!
Calling All Parents, Grandparents and Other Interested People!
Ginny Owens - New CD "Get In, I'm Driving"
Show Your Community You Care . . . Offer Free Family Fun Events!
Show Your Community You Care . . . Offer Free Parenting Classes!
Every Falling Tear - a Must-Have CD!
Maintenance or Changing the World? Which Will You Choose
Kidz Connection - Children's Sunday Small Group/Large Group Curriculum

Affordable curriculum option!
     kidz Connection - a large group/small group curriculum for any size church. Find info and free samples at www.kidzconnection.us. With the financial crisis and since my primary reason for writing kidz Connection is to provide a curriculum designed to intentionally engage children so they will remember, understand and live God's Word, I have cut my price to  $50 per age level per quarter (preschool/early elementary and elementary)


My PhotoLynda Freeman has 40 years of experience working in Children's Ministry. She has served as children's director for churches of 1600 people - as well as in churches of 100 people - so she understands first hand the needs of small, average and large church Children's Ministries. Lynda worked as a consultant for Gospel Light, Group and ZonderKidz/Big Idea, ZonderKidz/Promiseland. Currently, she is the editor of 'round about the church.com, About The Children's department blog, is known for her reviews of curriculum and church resources and writes kidz Connection curriculum. Lynda has taught children's ministry workshops across the country for Children’s Ministry Magazine Live and worked with churches as a consultant and trainer for Kregel Bookstores. Lynda is one of the writers of the VeggieTales Connections Preschool Curriculum, contributed to the Group Publishing Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry and wrote the “Connections to Christ” lessons for Manner’s Mentors. In addition, Lynda’s writing credits include articles for Children's Ministry Magazine and Your Church Magazine.

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