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     Hello!  It has been quite some time since we have posted a new issue of "About the Children's Department" and "About the Youth Department" - the past year has been extremely busy for us. We are making a slight change to these magazines - instead of four issues a year we will write three issues - the February issue will include VBS reviews as well as information and ideas for Spring ministries. The June issues will include information and ideas for Summer and Fall ministries and the October issue will focus on the holidays. I hope you will find a wealth of information, ideas and resources to help you as you raise your children to know Jesus and serve in your areas of ministry!

         In these issues of "About the Children's Department" and "About the Youth Department" we have reviews of a number of excellent resources to help you as your pass on a legacy of faith to your children and the children in your ministry as well as a number of ideas you may find effective in your ministry. I am especially happy with three areas of reviews - first on the new FaithWeaver curriculum . . . it is an excellent curriculum! Second, I have put together my "top 12" lists for books for children and youth . . . in the next issue I will include a "top 10" list of parenting resources. And thirdly, I have had the joy of reviewing a number of excellent Bibles and encourage parents and teachers to consider presenting their children/students with a Bible as we enter this new millennium.

         I would like to encourage churches to begin a "Loving Words Campaign". In my church I teach the Wednesday evening children's ministry and one Wednesday a few months ago one of the older boys walked in to class and said, "Well, the nightmare is here." This made me feel very sad for him. Clearly he has been told he is a nightmare and while his parents love him, they do not have very strong parenting skills. I had just finished reviewing the book, Loving Words Every Child Needs to Hear" so the next day I spoke with my Pastor about beginning a "Loving Words Campaign". Each week we print "the Loving Words for the week" in our bulletin and encourage parents to make a point of using these words during the coming week with their children. As it says in this book, children who grow up hearing loving words spoken to them, will become people who use loving words with others. It is so obvious from the news and from looking at families in our own churches and communities there is a very real need for us to commit to be people who use loving words with our children. I believe most parents want to help their children grow up experiencing joy - we just don't always remember to speak and act to encourage this outcome. Consider beginning a "Loving Words Campaign" in your church - I believe you will see a difference in the lives of the children, teens and families in your church if you do!

        Loving Words Every Child Needs to Hear
        Authors - Ed Anderson & John Peterson
        Photographer - Tom Henry
        Publisher - J. Countryman

         It matters so much the home is a place where children truly feel loved - it should be a refuge, a safe haven. In far too many homes, this is not the case, but we in children's and even youth ministry can make a difference by helping parents learn how to support, encourage and affirm children and teens. No matter what the age of our children, they need the verbal affirmation they are loved and cherished members of the family. This book provides an abundance of "loving Words" examples to help parents and teachers be more aware of what to be sure their children/class hear.

      Favorite Features:

  • divided into five sections, Words that show love, respect, teach, empower and hear
  • Scripture throughout
  • quotes throughout
  • excellent photos included
  • challenges parents to be intentional in the way they express love to their children
  • makes a point that all children - teens included - need to be affirmed throughout their life
  • stresses importance of being sure children know they are a blessing from God
  • "Speaking Without Words" 50 things to do together - excellent!
  • communicates extreme value of investing time in children
  • stresses importance of differentiate between what kids do and who they are
  • "A Prayer for the World's Children" by Ina Hughs - powerful
  • resource list in back of book

     All of us, but especially children and teens, need to be affirmed with "Loving Words". Parents and teachers who commit to using words that build and encourage will make a lasting difference in the life of children/teens. It matters how we raise our kids - children/teens who grow up experiencing "Loving Words" go on to be adults who use "Loving Words". This book is an excellent resource to help parents and teachers be more aware how "Loving Words" can make a significant difference in kid's lives. Extremely well done Ed, John and J. Countryman!

        Steps to begin a "Loving Words Campaign" church wide!

         Goal: To help parents learn to support, encourage and affirm children with loving words!

         This challenge won't take long to implement, but the following checklist should help.

 One Month Before -

  • begin to promote with banners, flyers and special announcements 
    • consider using "Loving Words" from the book to make banners, etc 
    • ask the Sr. Pastor to use examples of "Loving Words" from the pulpit to generate interest and to help promote the challenge 
    • articulate the challenge - to encourage family members to look for ways and times they may use loving words everyday to build their family and to help make home a better place
  • read the book, "Loving Words Every Child Needs to Hear" and recruit a team of people to select weekly "Loving Words" to print in the bulletin or for teachers to send home for parents to utilize 
  • visit adult classes to explain the challenge and to encourage parents to commit to the challenge - possibly make commitment cards for them to sign and carry with themselves
First Week of Campaign -
  • be sure words for the week are in the bulletin.
  • remind parents to make a point to use the "Loving Words" 

Two Weeks After -

  • ask parents for results and share with church how it makes a difference in their families

         Make the campaign an on-going part of your ministry to families and encourage all families to commit to make loving words a part of their homes.

         One of the most important roles the church can fill is one of helping to build and strengthen families and this is a simple yet effective way we can do just that!

         Once again, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or ideas you may have - I love to hear from you!:^)

 Lynda Freeman:^)

    Feel free to contact me at: lynda@roundaboutthechurch.com

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