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    Those of you who read "About the Children's Department" know I enjoy reading and recommending books for children as they are such excellent resources for parents and churches to utilize with children in so many ways.  In this issue we will look at quite a few excellent children's books and after reviewing them we will take a look at some ideas for ways you may effectively use them.

Jesus & the Children floor puzzle
Published by - Standard Publishing
Ages - 2 - 7

Favorite Features:

    Learning how to fit puzzles together is a fun step for young children.  This floor puzzle is an enjoyable way for kids to play and learn as parents/teachers talk with their child/students about the pictures and how Jesus loves us.  Very nicely done Standard Publishing.

Adam Raccoon
    - and the Flying Machine
    - and the King's Big Dinner
    - and the Mighty Giant
    - and the Race to Victory Mountain
Author/Illustrator - Glen Keane
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Age - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    The Adam Raccoon books are an excellent choice for young children as they will both enjoy and understand the point of these well written books!  These books are a great choice for parents and teachers to read to kids for enjoyment and to better illustrate a lesson.  Extremely well done Glen & Chariot Victor!

God cares when I'm sad
God always loves me
God answers my prayers
God sees me all the time
Author - Denise Vezey
Illustrator - Victoria Ponikvar Frazier
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages  4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    These books are excellent choices for parents and teachers to utilize to help children realize God's love for them in any situation.  Very nicely done Denise, Victoria and Chariot Victor Books!

The Worm Surprise
The Colossal Catfish
The Happy - Hoppy Frog
The Lovable Ladybug
Author - Becky Freeman
Illustrator - Matthew Archambault
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    These books are interesting and provide a fun way to help older kids think through and apply important truths as well as learn a bit about the amazing world God created!  Parents and teachers alike will find them to be excellent resources to use at home and in class to help kids better understand a lesson point as well as to generate conversation with kids.  With the focus on "critters" these books are sure to be enjoyed by many children!  Very well done Becky, Matthew and Chariot Victor!

Fears, Doubts, Blues and Pouts
Authors - H. Norman Wright & Gary Oliver
Illustrator - Sharon Dahl
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    What an excellent tool for parents and teachers and a terrific book for young kids to learn from and enjoy again and again.  The emotions covered in these four stories - fear, worry, sadness and anger are emotions children experience so a book such as this which address these emotions is very needed.  Extremely well done Norman, Gary, Sharon and Chariot Victor!

Follow Me, Little Lamb
Author - Karen Ann Moore
Illustrator - Beverly Luedecke
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 0 - 3
Ten Ways to Please God
Author - Karen Ann Moore
Illustrator - Becky Farley
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 0 - 3

    Favorite Features:

These books are excellent choices for use at home and in the church nursery as they cover the basics of God's love for the youngest ones.  Well done Karen, Beverly, Becky and Chariot Victor.

Stretch's Treasure Hunt
Camels Don't Fly
Dreamer Has A Nightmare
Author - Richard Hays
Illustrator - Chris Sharp
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    Helping kids understand they can trust God and can live their lives as people who cooperate and are thankful are key lessons our kids need to learn.  Children are sure to enjoy these stories and most importantly will learn these lessons in fun and memorable ways.  Extremely well done Richard, Chris and Chariot Victor!
        * plush bookmarks are available to go along with the characters in the stories - fun & colorful

The Once in a Blue Moon Boot Bus
Author - Rebecca Ondov Blasing
Illustrator - Lynda Cohen
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    This interesting story will help children think about Whose footsteps they would like to follow in.  Nicely done Rebecca, Lynda and Chariot Victor.

Fredrica McFroodle
& the Truth About Humility
Mean Billy Joe Gill
& the Truth about Respect
Reginald Parker Oliver Vine
& the Truth about Contentment
Author - Joanna Weaver
Illustrator - Tony Kenyon
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    These books address issues children can identify with and understand in a fun, rhyming way and are sure to be favorites.  It is so vitally important our kids learn to develop good attitudes as when they do, they will avoid many problems and experience a more joyful life.  These books are an excellent resources to help parents and teachers accomplish this with children.  Very well done Joanna, Tony and Chariot Victor!

Athletes of Faith
Author - Kirsti Newcombe
Publisher - chariot Victor
Ages - 5 - 10

    Favorite Features:

    It is easy for kids to look up to sports stars - this book helps to encourage kids to look up to God rather than to human heros.  It also encourages kids to work hard and not give up.  Nicely done Kirsti and Chariot Victor.

Time to Go, Hippo!
Author - bob Hartman
Illustrator - Kate Simpson
Publisher - Lion
Ages - 4 - 7

    Favorite Features:

    We need to teach our children they are a valued part of God's creation and at the same time help them understand how to value and get along with others.  This book covers these important lessons in a fun and memorable way!  This completely enjoyable story is one children are sure to enjoy and more importantly, understand the point so they will be encouraged to live the point in their lives.  Extremely well done Bob, Kate and Lion!

Do Bugs Have Noses?
Author/Illustrator - Debby Anderson
Publisher - Chariot Victor
Ages - 4 - 12

    Favorite Features:

    This is an excellent resource to help children understand and believe the Scripture record of God's wondrous creation!  I highly recommend "Do Bugs Have Noses" for use at home, church, home school and Christian school - extremely well done Debby and Chariot Victor!

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