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Old Testament Interactive Bible Stories
Illustrator - John Lee
Publisher - Group Publishing
Ages - 2 - 8

    Favorite Features:

    I love resources which help teachers and parents teach children in more interactive and therefore more effective ways . . . this book is exactly this kind of resource and makes an excellent addition to classrooms at church as well as to a family's own library.  Use it often and children will learn much.  Extremely well done John and Group Publishing!

Crazy Clothesline Characters
Author Carol Mader
Publisher - Group Publishing

    Favorite Features:

    When we teach children the Bible too often what we are most successful at communicating is the Bible is a book about people who lived long ago and have nothing in common with us.  Not only this, but we also communicate the Bible is not interesting because we teach in traditional ways that do not involve kids or capture their attention.  We should be communicating the Bible is an exciting Book that really does apply and we can enjoy it!  This resource is designed to help us do so.  God's Word is filled with true, exciting stories we can enjoy, understand and live - let's commit to telling these stories to our children in ways to effectively communicate this.  Extremely well done Carol and Group Publishing!

Instant Skits for Children's Ministry
Author - John Duckworth
Publisher - Group Publishing

    Favorite Features:
        * 30 skits
        * each skit has a topic so you can match them with your Bible lesson
        * each skit has Scripture the skit can help illustrate
        * includes directions for set up and puppet options
        * expression symbols to help characters feel more confident in participating
        * questions at the end to help with understanding and living
        * additional topics skit ties in with

    Skits can be a lot of fun and can also be a great way to involve kids in the Bible lesson.  This resource is an excellent source of skits anyone can participate in and learn from.  When skits are used on occasion they can help bring the excitement of the unexpected to class.  These skits are excellent choices - kids will enjoy, remember and learn from.  Very well done John and Group Publishing!


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