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    Whether you are looking for curriculum for a class or a resource to supplement what you are already using, anyone who works with preschoolers and elementary age kids knows there are times when they will need additional resources.  The reviews below are short, but will give you an opportunity to get the "feel" for each of these excellent tools!

Food Fun Devotions for Children's Ministry
Authors - Dennis & Lana McLaughlin
Publisher - Group Publishing

    Favorite Features:

    I am sure all of us will agree kids love snacks!  This book provides fun and effective and tasty ideas to help kids learn while they enjoy a snack!  "Food Fun Devotions for Children's Ministry" is a fun and unique resource and an excellent choice to bring "unexpected" learning opportunities to the kids in your church - or even at home!  Extremely well done dennis, Lana and Group Publishing!

My God Is So Great!
Publisher - Group Publishing
Ages - Preschool

    Favorite Features:

    This book is an excellent resource for any preschool class and with simple adaptations many activities could also be used at home to provide creative and fun time to lay a firm foundation with our youngest children of Who God Is!  Extremely well done Group Publishing!

Bible Friends - Lively Preschool Lessons from A-Z
Publisher - Group Publishing
Age - Preschool

    Favorite Features:

    There are many resources for preschoolers that teach about Bible people - this one approaches teaching about Bible people in a unique way by also teaching the alphabet and by providing an abundance of activities as well.  "Bible Friends" is a excellent choice for Sunday School, children's church, preschool, home school and use at home.  It includes a wealth of fun, creative ideas to help young children learn about Bible people!  Extremely well done Group Publishing!


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