TEACHER ENCOURAGEMENT - Volunteer Christmas Appreciation Party

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Simpler Times
Glory of Creation
Beyond the Garden Gate
Seasons of Light
Illustrator - Thomas Kinkade
Publisher - Harvest House
Messages of Peace Screen Saver
My Utmost for His Highest Screen Saver
Author - Oswald Chambers
Illustrator - Thomas Kinkade
Publisher - Willow Road Software

    Favorite Features:

    As I have written in previous reviews of Thomas Kinkade books, these books and screen savers make superb gifts to show appreciation to volunteer teachers.  Each book is truly a delight to peruse through as are the screen savers as the combination of Thomas' paintings, Scripture, devotions, poems and exerpts of stories will bring pure enjoyment to any who receive one of these books or screen savers!  I cannot recommend highly enough these books and screen savers - they are ones to be truly enjoyed and treasured as they make excellent appreciation gifts for volunteers.  Consider asking parents to donate a dollar or two for each child's teacher and then purchase one of these as a Christmas gift for each volunteer.  Extremely well done Thomas, Harvest House, and Willow Road Software!

    Steps to Plan a Volunteer Christmas Appreciation Party

Goal - to demonstrate your appreciation for your volunteers

  1. Select a date and begin to promote
    • in the bulletin
    • on posters
    • by mailing invitations
  2. Plan menu
    • ask church members to donate money or actual food
      • desserts
      • finger food
  3. Prepare or purchase gifts
    • make ornaments
    • buy books or screen savers or give gift certificates
  4. On the date of party
    • enjoy
    • fellowship
    • thank your volunteers


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