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A Child's Garden of Verses Baby Book
Mother's Memories to Her Child
Father's Memories to His Child
Grandmother's Memories to Her Grandchild
Grandfather's Memories to His Grandchild
Illustrator - Thomas Kinkade
Author - Tama Fortner
Publisher - Tommy Nelson


    Favorite Features:

    I believe it is important to remember where we came from to better understand where we are so we can dream and do for our future.  Books like these help us do all three - and if we as parents are able to record and pass on our family history, we are better able to help our children understand their heritage and learn and grow from it.  I encourage families to record this type of information and then to talk, learn and grow together through it.  I also believe we in the church can and should encourage parents to understand, learn and grow from their heritage to aid them in being more effective in their parenting.  Perhaps, you could offer a class for parents to help them understand how their heritage, good and negative, impacts their lives and the lives of their children as well.  Very nicely done Thomas, Tama and Tommy Nelson!

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