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Fun Ideas for the Family Friendly Church
Publisher - Group Publishing 

Favorite Features:

Family Sunday School Fun
General Editor - Tim Smith
Publisher - Group Publishing

Favorite Features:

    We need to commit to build and strengthen families in our church - both these excellent resources provide do-able, genuinely effective ways for churches to give the time and attention to families they need!  The activities and lessons in these books are designed for families with preschool and elementary age children, but even older kids would enjoy and learn from participating in these activities with their families.  These opportunities for families to learn together will provide encouragement for parents to continue learning at home on their own as they experience first hand how to pass a legacy of faith to their children.  These resources are extremely flexible making them a genuinely useful and effective resource for the church.  Extremely well done Tim and Group Publishing!

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About The Children's Department - Volume 4, Edition 2

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