VBS 2012 Top Ten Countdown!


    Vacation Bible School for 2012, with reviews of VBS kits and a post of my side-by-side comparison chart! I am happy about the way 2012 VBS shaped up - strong, solid Bible teaching, a few new and unique settings, and excellent musicadd to the fun - the Wild Blue Yonder for a Sky setting, an island, an amazement park, a trip around the world to see some of the wonders God created and concerts are just a few of the fun settings for VBS 2012!

    In addition to reviewing the 2012 VBS resources I have also posted about additional ways to use your VBS kits all year long -
  • Summer Sundays
  • Summer Fun Days
  • Mission Trips
  • Backyard Bible Clubs
  • Mid-Week Children's Ministries

as well as how to

  • promote your VBS
  • recruit volunteers
  • train your volunteers
  • support and appreciate your volunteers
  • plan a follow-up for your VBS which truly follows up
  • the Dollars and Cents of VBS!

    Please join in the VBS conversation . . . I look forward to hearing what you think about the 2012 VBS options! Feel free to check my post on how I determined which VBS I selected for Top VBS 2012 and my side-by-side VBS comparison chart! Be sure to check out my articles on "VBS . . . Or Not?" How to Determine Your Goal for VBS, Why Complete Director's materials matter, What to do after you have determined your goal, VBS Bible Lessons . . . What Makes a Lesson "Stick"?, How scope, setting and theme relate to your choice of VBS, music, crafts and an opportunity to see VBS materials, and how to find your best "fit" for VBS 2012!

    This year I also wrote a brief overview for each VBS and gave them a five-star rating - you'll find these on Keith Tusing's blog - CM Buzz. In addition, take a moment to check Tony Kummer's excellent blog, Ministry to Children. He has a wealth of helpful information to aid you in finding the best VBS "fit" for your ministry! One of the wonderful things about the internet is the way it allows us to find resources and information to help us be as effective as possible in ministering to children. 


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