VBS 2012 - the Dollars & Cents of VBS . . . Part 3


As I talked about the past two weeks the realities of the Dollars and Cents of VBS can impact if a church is able to go ahead with VBS for summer 2012 as the Dollar and Cents of it all will come into play as you determine which resources you will use. In this economy with so many people out of work our churches are struggling to meet their budget. VBS can be expensive and yet it is a very important - and in many cases the only - outreach all year for many churches.

Today I'm going to once again take a look at the Dollars and Cents for the four VBS resources I reviewed this week. I'm happy to see in many of the director's materials some fun ideas of ways to raise money for VBS, but again, when so many people are unemployed and living pay check to pay check, there just may not be additional dollars for them to give to VBS. Obviously a starter kit is the first place to begin when purchasing VBS materials and from there you'll need to determine what - if any - student materials you will also utilize. As far as student materials I like the idea of being able to give children something each day which will remind them of the Bible lesson. I especially like the objects/cards which can be clipped or pinned to a backpack as they make great reminders! I also like the idea of being able to give children their own copy of the music . . . of course these things take money and your budget just might not have room for them. So, what will it cost and how can we move ahead with VBS on a budget?


VBS for 2012 - Operation Overboard




  • Two kits are available for $49.99. and $89.99

Cost per student . . .

  • Music is not reproducible, so you would have to purchase CDs to give kids at a cost of $3.99 per CD

  • Scripture Treasures range $14.99 for a package of 12 sets of five

  • Mesh Dive Bag - $8.99 for a package of 12.

  • Name tags - $3.99 for packages of 24

  • Name tag holders - $15.99 for 12

  • Student Journals -  $2.99 per student

  • Crafts range in price from $10.99 to $23.99 for packages of 12

My Dollar & Cents Thoughts . . . Cokesbury does offer two kits, so you are able to choose the kit which best fits your budget and needs. I'm happy to see an affordable CD so children can have a copy and I like the Scripture Treasures for the kids - this would run about $7 per child - unless you decided to give one CD per family instead of one per child.


VBS for 2012 - Go Big!

David C. Cook Publishing



  • this year it is only available bundled into the price of the Tru Unlimited and Combo Unlimited memberships.  Tru Unlimited is $200/Mo or $1200/Year per age level of the curriculum (Pre/K & Elementary).  Combo Unlimited is $300/Mo or $3000/year for both age levels plus a Toddler age level. All student materials are reproducible.

My Dollar and Cents Thoughts . . . if your church is already using Tru curriculum, Go Big! is a great option and value for your church. I'm really looking forward to seeing their VBS resources next year and to finding out where it is priced for churches where they do not use Tru.


VBS for 2012 - Olympion

VBS Reachout Adventures




  • one kit is available for $49.99

    Cost per student . . .

    • Music is not reproducible, so you would have to purchase CDs to give kids at a cost of $12.25 per CD  (20% discount if you purchase 20 +)

    • Student Pack with a training manual, stickers and name button-  $3.75 per student

My Dollar and Cents Thoughts . . .  if you use this VBS the kit is affordable at $49.99, but student materials are an integral part of the VBS, so you would need to purchase the student pack for each child - $3.75 per child.


VBS for 2012 - Sonlight Express



  • one kit is available for $159.99

Cost per student . . .

  • music is not reproducible, so you would have to purchase cds to give kids at a cost   ranging from $8.35. 

  • student activity pages/stickers are $1.85 per child

  • Live-It Cards - 95 cents per child

  • Daily foam crafts - $3.95 per child (enough for one child for five days)

My Dollars and Cents Thoughts . . . Bogard Press doesn't provide a basic kit - which I'd really like to see - if however; budget is an issue, get the Sky Ultimate Go-To Director's Guide - $15.95; Game book - $4.90; Craft book - $5.75; Lesson & Music DVD - $22 for approximately $47. You will be able to plan and present your VBS with those materials. For the children get the Live it cards and the crafts for $4.90 per child.

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