VBS 2012 - Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

I'm releasing my 2012 Side-by-Side VBS comparison chart today for the ten kits I've reviewed in the past two weeks. Next week I'll add the additional kits I'm reviewing this week, but for now you'll find the chart at this link. (If you have trouble opening this link, email me and I'll email you a pdf of the chart) So . . . how is this helpful to you? Use the kit as a tool to help you . . . 
  • narrow down the kits you are most interested in taking a closer look at. You'll be able to see all kinds of information on this chart - from price and version of the Bible used to scope and sequence.
  • identify the strengths and weakness of the curriculum you choose. For example, if you decide on a kit for your VBS, but see in the chart it doesn't offer information on screening your volunteers or how to lead a child to Christ, then you'll know you need to find this information from other sources.
I hope you'll find my chart a helpful tool for you as you evaluate these curriculum options for use in your ministry.

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